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ATR42-300 C-FIQU at Hay River, Northwest Territories, June 2002. Passengers are boarding for the short, 30-minute flight back to Yellowknife. First Air’s introduction of the ATR in 2001 marked the beginning of the end for the company’s venerable Hawker 748s on routes to outlying communities spread throughout Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.

Cargo being unloaded from C-FIQU at Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories. Like its predecessor, the ATR can be operated in a passenger-cargo combi mode and has a similar gravel runway capability. Its increased speed, better fuel efficiency and superior comfort make the aircraft the right choice.

Hawker HS 748 C-GDUN at Yellowknife. During 1999, the year the territory of Nunavut became reality, all First Air equipment carried the “Celebration 99” logo.

Powered by two Rolls-Royce Dart gas turbines, each driving a four-bladed, variable pitch propeller, the 748 has a maximum allowable take-off weight of 46,500 pounds. When equipped with large tires, the Hawker is at home on short unpaved gravel or ice strips.

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