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Conceived in an era when facilities were few and far between, the Colonial C-1 Skimmer, forerunner of the Lake series of amphibians, was designed by David Thurston and řrst Ŗew in 1948. Manufactured in 1956, CF-KDQ is one of only řve Ŗyable Skimmers remaining.

Owned by Dr. Henry Wyatt of Edmonton, KDQ has spent its entire life in Canada. A past president of Aerobatics Canada, Wyatt has owned his C-1 since 1991 when Bill Carter found it for him in Quebec.

KDQ’s simplified instrument panel–VFR all the way!

Easily adaptable to land or water, Dr. Wyatt’s “retirement RV” is in its element, find-ing one of those unlimited landing areas. The Skimmer’s pylon-mounted engine configuration is still recognizable on its descendants.

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