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Air Tindi’s Turbo Otter climbs onto the step on Yellowknife’s East Bay, en route to one of several exploration camps the carrier supports. Tindi has one of the most varied fleets of aircraft you’ll find anywhere. (All photos in this gallery, fall 2001)

An Air Tindi Twin Otter on the East Bay taxies through “the gut” between Latham Island and Old Town where the company float base is located. Such aircraft are the mainstay of exploration in the Arctic.

An Air Tindi “Twotter” glides toward the company wharf on a beautiful evening in Old Town, Yellowknife.

Night shift: During the busy summer float season, Air Tindi engineers work on a Cessna Caravan during one of the few periods when the aircraft isn’t flying.

Three Buffalo Airways DC-3s are tightly arranged in the company yard “Tetris-style” before their next loads of freight arrive for shipment.

After unloading steel pipe at the Diavik diamond mine at Lac de Gras, a Buffalo Airways DC-4 blasts off headed for Yellowknife. “The Four” is particu-larly good at managing difficult loads.

A pair of Wolverine Air Cessna 206s cross the Mackenzie River near Fort Simpson. The company is one of the few air services in the region to operate single-engine aircraft exclusively.

All is quiet on the ramp at Fort Simpson as Air Fugro’s Cessna 421 and Grand Caravan are parked at the end of another long day of remote sensing. The company was operating three aircraft in the area this past summer and is expected to remain busy flying grids well into winter.

The First Air Herc provides a unique service by transporting very heavy, long loads such as this structural steel destined for the Diavik mine site.

Aside from the usual exploration-related work, Arctic Sunwest benefits from contracts with Diavik and BHP to transport personnel from Native communities to the mines and back. (This aircraft was destroyed in a September 2011 crash in Yellowknife’s Old Town.)

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