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GJ-A (17013) of No. 1 (F) OTU at RCAF Station Chatham, December 14, 1950. This Vampire experienced a Category A crash near Rogersville, New Brunswick, on June 21, 1951, when F/O Archer lost control during aerobatics practice. His aircraft spun into the ground, killing him instantly.

A fuel bowser in action filling the outer wing tanks on Vampire 17084. To guard against vapour locks in the hidden leading-edge tanks, the routine was to fill the outers until kerosene flowed from the open caps of the inboard tanks. OTU, St. Hubert, March 18, 1949.

RCAF participation in Operation “Sweet Briar” was centred at the Whitehorse airport, with 410 Squadron Vampires flying 127 sorties over the exercise period, including fending off attacks by “invading” USAF F-82s from Alaska’s Ladd Field. February 1950.

F/L D.C. Laubman climbs aboard his Vampire in the dispersal area of the Whitehorse airport for a scramble take-off during an air raid warning. Cpl. Bill E. Gregory (left) and LAC Bob Yaxley assist. Exercise “Sweet Briar”, February 16, 1950.

410 Squadron aircraft in tow at Whitehorse, February 1950. The training effort in Operation “Sweet Briar” was a major success, but it also highlighted several shortcomings in Canadian Vampire operations.

17085 of 401 Squadron in landing configuration at St. Hubert, showing both flaps and speed brakes deployed. It was sold into the US as N6868D and ended its flying days as FAM-2 of the Mexican Air Force. (Richard Dumigan via Eric Dumigan)

F/O Bruce Sheasby in Vampire F Mk. 3 AX-O of 421 (Red Indian) Squadron, Chatham, NB, October 26, 1950.

421 Squadron Vampires at Chatham, NB, October 1950.

421 (F) Squadron Vampires taxi out for another sortie at RAF Odiham, Hants, England, February 26, 1951. The plan was to train RCAF fighter squadrons “under European operating conditions” as part of a squadron rotation arrangement that never proceeded beyond the first unit.

Although standard RCAF equipment was the Vampire F Mk. 3, while in the UK 421 Squadron used borrowed RAF FB Mk. 5s.

A flight of 421 (F) Squadron aircraft over the UK. RAF roundels were modified with a small maple leaf while the Vampires were on loan to the RCAF.

Vampire 17021 of the Flying Instructors School in Trenton, ON, January 6, 1953. It also was operated by 438 “City of Montreal” Squadron, St. Hubert, QC.

438 Squadron Vampires taxi in to park at St. Hubert. RCAF 17067 became civilian N6879D and was later sold to the Mexican Air Force (FAM-7), where it finished up in a flying accident. (Richard Dumigan via Eric Dumigan)

Vampires and Mustangs were retired from the Auxiliary squadrons in late summer/early fall of 1956. A Vampire from 442 Squadron and a Mustang from 443 Squadron were selected for museum use and ferried to storage in Lethbridge. W/C Don Cameron, CO of 442 Squadron, poses for a photo before departure from Vancouver on possibly the last RCAF Vampire flight, December 6, 1956.

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