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A selection of rare images by Neil Macdougall, who, for many years from about 1945, was Canadian correspondent for The Aeroplane, the London, England weekly: One of the Victoria Flying Club’s first aircraft, a Fleet Canuck (msn 053) in factory-standard blue and yellow colours over the Saanich Peninsula, BC, as seen from a Fairchild Cornell piloted by Myles Haig.

A scenic picture of CF-DQA, this time over Victoria harbour in the late-1940s with provincial Parliament buildings below.

Hawker Sea Fury from the Winter Experimental Establishment (WEE), Edmonton. This dramatic view was captured from the rear gun turret of WEE Avro Lincoln B.Mk.2 SX924 flown by Flt. Lt. D.R. Baxter, RAF. September 14, 1948.

Lockheed Vega Ventura GR.V target towing tug in yellow and black markings over Vancouver, taken circa 1948–50 from a Harvard. The same startling colours could also be found on a Sea Island-based Douglas C-47 Dakota.

On November 7, 1948, during a search of Vancouver Island for a US Navy Neptune missing on a flight from Alaska, I was in the co-pilot’s seat of this aircraft as we flew up mountain valleys while the pilot scanned the terrain with binoculars. Simultaneously, I was looking for wreckage on the other side, but wasn’t a pilot then and wondered who was looking out for hazards and traffic! We landed back in Vancouver after 3:45, to find that base ops was about to start a search for us.

Canadian-built Lancaster 10MR of 123 (Search and Rescue) Flight, Sea Island (now Vancouver International). The photo was obtained through a large side door of another Lancaster flown by F/L Lyle Harling. Foolishly, I had no safety harness, although two airmen stood guard. March 24, 1949.

Another snap of KB904 showing the some of the postwar external modifications: H2S Mk. III large radar under the rear belly and deletion of the top fuselage turret.

F/L George Stewart in 9255 (BA-U) leading a battle formation of 424 Squadron Mustangs during the 1951 summer camp at Deseronto, ON, July 15, 1951.

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