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This 1999 photo gallery features Bill Carter and his Pitts S-2B sponsored by Esso and Leavens AviationĐa popular summer airshow solo attraction. His action-packed 13-minute aerobatic display included smoothly executed spirals, loops, hammerheads, snap rolls, tailslides and mile-long knife edge and inverted ribbon-cutting passes at 15 feet AGL. Here, Bill Carter practises another 160-mph inverted pass at Waterloo Regional Airport. A special permit allowed him to work within a defined block of airspace above the runways.

Bill and his mount, C-GIKT. The 1999 season took Carter as far afield as Comox, British Columbia, in the west and Sydney, Nova Scotia, in the east with 16 confirmed show dates. At the time, Esso had been CarterŐs sponsor from the beginning, 11 years previously.

Practice makes perfect: a knife-edge pass with smoke.

As the world turns: CarterŐs precision performance makes it all look easy. To hone his skills, he worked on his routine three or four times a week. Now retired from Air Canada with more than 27,000 hours, Bill Carter has been performing aerobatics for more than 25 years. Today, he flies a Pitts S-2S and is probably CanadaŐs most respected performer and aerobatics instructor.

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