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18450 of 409 Squadron at the Weapons Practice Unit, Cold Lake, May 1957. (R. Dickner)

Typical squadron aircrew photo, this one of 410 Squadron personnel at Uplands, circa 1958. Along with the two Mk. 5 CF-100s is a Mk. 3D dual trainer. In the background are the converted Second World War types used for aerial survey in Spartan’s “air force.” (DND photo)

As dusk sets at 4 Wing, a 419 Squadron CF-100 prepares for an evening flight. (Jim Craik)

445 Squadron CF-100s line the tarmac at Decimomannu. The abundance of Sardinian sunshine ensured few interruptions in weapons practice which was confined to visual conditions. Aircrews were also able to obtain high-gloss tans before returning to the continent. (Jim Craik)

F/O “Kiwi” Stanners and F/L Mack fly 18330 as F/Os Saunders and Maltais break away in ’364. 423 Squadron, October 9, 1962. All Canadian CF-100s disappeared from European frontline service at the beginning of 1963. (DND photo)

Line-up of 432 (Black Cougar), 440 (Bat) and 428 (Ghost) Squadron CF-100 Mk. 4s at Mount Hope airport in Hamilton, Ontario, 1955. Aircraft from ADC CF-100 squadrons came together for a mass flypast at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto that year. (DND photo)

One of a series of well-known RCAF publicity photos from a Harmon AFB deployment, October 1957: 410 Squadron CF-100 Mk. 5 and 323rd FIS F-102. (DND photo)

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