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One of the first two CF-100 Mk. 5s delivered to 409 Squadron is resplendent in its freshly applied colours, July 1957. (Pat Parker)

CF-100 port side front cockpit. The fuel control switches may be seen directly behind the left- and right-hand engine throttle levers. (DND)

409 Squadron crews at the First annual Air Defence Command rocket meet, Cold Lake, 1957: On the ladder is S/L M. Sherwood and his navigator F/O D. Findlay, F/Os J. Glover and J. Graham. (DND)

Techs attach a 3-tube practice launcher on a 409 Squadron aircraft at the Weapons Practice Unit, Cold Lake. (DND)

CF-100 aircrew group photo at Comox, July 1958. OC was W/C Hal Bridges. (DND)

409 Squadron interceptor crews are readied for takeoff at the Fourth annual ADC rocket meet, Cold Lake, 1960. (DND)

The Comox 18-man technical support team; proud winners of the Groundcrew Efficiency Award for 1960. Fourth annual ADC rocket meet. (DND)

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