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Tom Beattie awaits the unloading of C-FIUU. Having been a Sudbury Aviation customer since before Margaret Watson Hyland took over, he has no hesitation about frequent jaunts to a summer cabin. Able to carry one load to the Cessna 185’s two, the seven-place Beaver has paid its way in payload, economy and comfort.

While managing and flying for Sudbury Aviation, Margaret Watson Hyland also claims she can paint a camp floor faster than anyone. A former resident of Sault Ste. Marie, she has no intention of leaving aviation and works seven days a week.

Unloading a heavy refrigerator takes a team of four. Margaret Watson Hyland pushes from the inside of FIUU as Sudbury Aviation’s complete pilot staff guides the awkward object down.

Mel Laidlaw probably holds an unofficial record for flying time logged on seaplanes. With his 24,000 hours, his expertise is highly respected by Sudbury Aviation’s students and charter customers.

Gary Pitre (left) and Guillaume Gagnon ensure that they have a correct replacement radio for C-FHVT. Guillaume, or “Guy”, Margaret says, will require several seasons to recover from his close encounter with the exciting world of Playboy playmates.

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