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My Little Toy: Paul NopperÕs Aviat A-1 Husky, C-GMLT, over the southern Ontario countryside.

Optional wing leading edge vortex generators allow Paul to make awe-inspiring climb-outs immediately after takeoff. (Kenneth Armstrong photo)

The best way to enter a HuskyÕs front office is to sit on the doorsill, pivot your left foot inside over the stick and grab hold of the overhead structure to ease the rest of your body into place. Both halves of the single split door may be opened during flight, with the upper part secured to the wing bottom when open by a heavy-duty clip. The passenger benefits from the best visibility, a wider rear seat and more leg room.

The new A-1B cockpit (not shown) features a three-inch-taller instrument panel allowing greater flexibility in the placement of electronics.

A robust, steerable tail wheel makes ground handling a breeze.

Paul moves in for a three-quarter close-up of the HuskyÕs business end.

Low and slow is what the Husky does extremely well. ItÕs an ideal aircraft for spotting and patrol or for accessing short backcountry airstrips. Pilots with more mundane needs can count on plenty of unpretentious flying fun.

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