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Maule fuselages are built of alloy steel tubing and welded trusses tightly covered with synthetic fabric to create a sleek, wrinkle-free surface right through to the tail. The wing is all aluminum.

Exceptional cargo loading capability is a popular Maule attribute that can tempt owners to unknowingly over-gross their aircraft.

The forward position of the wing reduces in-flight visibility in a turn.

Cliff manoeuvres QJE away from the gas pumps after a fill-up. Useful load is 1,050 pounds (wheels) and 960 pounds (floats). The Maule’s shallow deck angle (for a tail-dragger) allows excellent visibility over the nose and easy taxiing without the need to zig-zag.

Three years ago, a ,000 refurb at Selkirk Air gave QJE new glass, fabric, paint, upholstery and a mandatory wing strut AD to create the pristine beauty seen in these photos.

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