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This 1946-vintage Canuck (msn 206) is owned by Peter Moodie and deservedly lives in semi-retirement hangared at a private grass field near Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Until 1966, C-FEOH was operated by Central Airways at Toronto Island Airport, and then the Edmonton Flying Club (EFC) up to 1986.

C-FEOH was converted to the Continental O-200 during an EFC restoration project completed in January 1973.

Dual sticks are standard, but toe brakes are installed only on the pilotÕs side. Forward visibility during taxiing is better than average.

A large skylight brightens the roomy cockpit.

Peter Moodie demonstrates the overhead trim crank.

The CanuckÕs distinctive upswept wasp waist makes it instantly recognizable.

With 22,000 airframe hours logged, C-FEOH has trained many aircrew who are now senior or retired Air Canada and Canadian Airlines International pilots. Many of these pilots also got their first jobs as instructors in FEOH and have risen to supervisory positions on B747-400s and A340s.

A colourful history is a given with a 53-year-old aircraft (including four decades of student use). FEOH had its full share of training mishaps. During one six-year period it was in ten reportable accidents. Last fabric recover was in 1973 after the aircraft was written off. Most recent re-painting was performed by the Edmonton Flying Club in 1980.

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