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Career profile by Jock Williams

Both aircraft get me from point A to point B in much the same altitude and speed range, and either keeps my pay in the top 5% of the workforce.

Along the way I have worked for and with some of the finest people in aviation, and also some of the worst. Same thing is true for the organizations.

It is my firm belief that whatever you find yourself doing–if you’re not having fun, something’s wrong. In corporate/charter aviation, the possibility of pegging the fun meter is high. But, the preparation and airmanship demands are far greater than in most other fields. So are the rewards when it all comes together.

Having flown everything from the Avro 504 to the Challenger 604 with the CF-104 and the Lancaster in between, I can honestly say I wouldn’t trade my years in corporate aviation for anything. It’s a wonderful way to earn a living if that’s your goal. Having spent over 40 years flying airplanes, I look forward to every flight as much as I did four decades ago.

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Learjet 25

My Lear 25, C-GSKL, on final for Runway 23 at Pearson International. Irving Shoichet, owner of Skycharter Limited, has over 6,000 hours in this specific aircraft. It is quite a performer for a 1960’s-era machine: sea level to FL410 in 23 minutes from takeoff, and a cruise of .8 Mach. Skycharter operates this beauty and a Falcon 10 from Pearson for on-demand charters. Years ago as a fighter pilot I looked at these hot rods and figured they’d be fun to fly. At the time, I never imagined that in 2002 I’d be flying one myself–and loving 

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