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On a clear day you can see forever: The Rockies viewed from a 409 Squadron CF-100 carrying a full combat rocket load, August 1960. (Jerry Frewen)

Comox flight line on a wet fall day, 1959. From the left are F/Os “Tim” Timmins, John Eggenberger, Dick Bentham and Jerry Frewen. (Dick Bentham)

A photo taken only a few months before the CF-100 vanished from front-line service in Canada. This 409 Squadron Mk. 5 bears the standardized cowling flash of the period and ADC rudder stripes indicating base of origin. January 1962. (DND)

The 1958 Air Defence Command rocket meet. In the foreground are two aircraft entered from 433 Squadron. (DND)

New squadron crews became combat ready after completing a series of specific ground school and flying training objectives. These included a review of aircraft emergency drills learned at the OTU, familiarization with local letdown procedures and the terrain in the area, as well as goal-oriented flying exercises. (John Rose)

F/Ls Patterson and Sweet crew 18546 of 433 Squadron on their way to the Fourth annual ADC rocket meet at Cold Lake, May 28, 1960. (John Rose)

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