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Course 38 formation training in Mk. 3Ds, April 25, 1957. (Doug Williams)

First flight of F/O Tarling and F/L Williams as crew in Mk. 3D 18148: 3 AW(F) OTU, Cold Lake, Alberta, April 17, 1957. (Doug Williams)

Getting good pictures from the back seat of a CF-100 was always challenging due to canopy distortion and the big Orendas to the side. Even more so here as nav F/L Doug Williams used a Second World War-vintage camera from F/O “Turbo” Tarling’s father–flip-up viewfinder, fixed-focus, one shutter speed! April 25, 1957, near Cold Lake. (Doug Williams)

The CF-100 Mk. 3D (dual control) pilot’s cockpit. Note the six fuel gauges at the top of the panel, the two-piece control column, and trim wheels on the left console. (RCAF Aircraft Operating Instructions)

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