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CF-100 deployments and visitors page 3

Stories by charles alexander and “turbo” tarling

He clambered up the ladder but half way he lost his grip and fell to the ground. Undaunted, he picked himself up, clambered back up the ladder only to lose his grip once again and fall back down. With great determination, he grabbed the ladder and clawed his way up to the top only to have the ladder fall away from the aircraft with him clinging precariously. A quick-thinking groundcrew grabbed the ladder and managed to push it back against the cockpit. The pilot tumbled inside, strapped himself in, started both engines, shoved the throttles forward and blasted out of the hangar. We wondered what thoughts were going through the navigator’s mind as they thundered down the runway into the night!

The runway at YJT was impressively long, the WX unpredictable (fog), and the GCA glide path through the hills from the east was an exciting 4½ degrees. On September 17, 1957, my nav Doug Williams and I were scrambled at 0430 in CF-100 18578 and just airborne in the black of night when the mission was cancelled. After burning off some fuel, I did a GCI/GCA approach (1,000 pounds of fuel overweight) on that nice 4½-degree glideslope to the nice long runway, raised the nose to flare for the usual greaser landing, continued hurtling down the steep glideslope still overweight, and crumped onto the runway (one of my two bad landings in the CF-100–both with Doug and at night). Doug uttered a charitable “OOF!!!” to remind his pilot that this was not his best landing. We taxied in, parked, refuelled and set up the bird in readiness for another scramble (that never came). |

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