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Northrop F-89D Scorpions of the 59th FIS, Goose Bay, Labrador, circa 1955–56. (USAF Museum photo)

59th FIS F-89J, circa 1959. In 1960, the squadron’s F-89s were superseded by the Convair F-102. (Don Martin photo)

428 Squadron CF-100 Mk. 5 frames a line-up of 323rd FIS F-102s at Harmon AFB, Newfoundland, September/October 1957. (DND)

F/O Tats Sakamoto of 432 Squadron poses in front of a transient USAF F-89J at Bagotville, June 1958. (T. Sakamoto)

The immense size and height of the F-89J Scorpion is evident in this view by Tats Sakamoto in front of the Bagotville tower. Most ‘J’ models dropped the combined wing-tip rocket armament/fuel pods of the F-89D in favour of 600-gallon fuel tanks. The underwing pylons could carry two MB-1 Genie nuclear-tipped, unguided air-to-air rockets. Later, the F-89J was further modified for Falcon air-to-air missiles by adding two additional underwing pylons on each wing located inboard of the Genie pylons. However, in practice Falcons were rarely used and the extra pylons were often removed. A total of 350 F-89Ds were modified to F-89J standards.

Part of a visiting six-plane CF-100 faker force from 425 and 428 Squadrons at Harmon AFB, September 9, 1959. Visible are 18764, ’773 and ’746 of 425 Squadron. These aircraft have the new, freshly painted Air Defence Command standardized (and unpopular) squadron flashes on the engine nacelles, ‘RCAF’ replacing fuselage squadron letter codes, and coloured base identity striping on the rudders. (“Turbo” Tarling photo)

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