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Trevor Lyons regularly wears his 1942-vintage RAF leather helmet with a modern adaptation–a built-in David Clark headset. The Ercoupe’s port-side venturi provides vacuum power for all instruments except the artificial horizon, which is exclusively supplied by the starboard-mounted unit.

Unlike most GA aircraft, JZH lacks rudder pedals. The panel is more comprehensive than aircraft of the period and includes a self-contained, battery-powered LORAN. Trevor also uses a hand-held Garmin 90 GPS.

Long trailing-link main landing gear were designed to handle even the most challenging crosswind landings.

JZH shows off her four antennas; from the front: radio, ELT, LORAN and VOR (extending from the rear tailcone on either side of the fuselage).

Fighter-like rear visibility is a practical feature of the Ercoupe’s bulbous canopy. (Trevor Lyons)

A spectacular sunset completes another rewarding evening flight. (Trevor Lyons)

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