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Huron AirŐs sole Otter, ODK, with two canoes. One day last summer I went along for a ride in the OtterŐs right seat. A sweaty-faced kid tapped my shoulder. I gave him a barf bag. He used it and that made his brother need one, and then another brother. I felt bad watching the poor little guy heave. The Otter routinely seems to make junk-fed kids sick: Candy, noise, vibration, heat and exhaust fumes equal barf in a bag somewhere above the wilderness.

Saturday morning at the Huron Air dock. Beaver C-GKEN taxis out while Smoothrock Lodge customers board C-FDPW and Otter CF-ODK. (M. Sattler photo)

A typical Beaver-load of beer.

Whiteclay outpost camp.

Smoothrock Lodge with the Huron Otter at the dock. Falling in the water can be thought of as a rite of passage for all float pilots. During my first season, it was almost a daily occurrence. Several times, bystanders got to watch me fall backwards out the door and through the steps to end up hanging upside down with my head touching the water.

The recovered bulldozer on the beach ready for storage until after freeze-up.

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